Hey all,

Welcome to the online journal of Christian Apologetics of Carolina, a student organization at the University of North Carolina dedicated to intellectual Christianity and exploring issues of faith and reason on the UNC campus.

Although CAC has existed for quite some time, and has staged public speaking events, debates, discussions and other such programs, we have never had a forum where we can publish philosophical and theological observations for the benefit of the greater UNC community, as well as the rest of the world.

While UNC has several long-established political and human interest publications, with the exception of Virtuous Woman magazine it currently does not have any publications devoted to religious topics and none exclusively devoted to the philosophical side of religion. This online journal will serve as a forum for publishing material related to Christian apologetics, theology and philosophy, and commenting on current events related to apologetics both on the UNC campus and in the broader world.

If you’re looking for general information about the club that can be found at our website.  Feel free to have a look around, and leave comments. Also feel free to stop by our club discussion meetings from 6-7 PM in Room 3515 of the Student Union.

–Christopher Jones
President, Christian Apologetics of Carolina